Wood Fence Company More than 21 years in the fencing business

Our wood fence company has been in the residential fencing installation business across Lehigh Valley and Northampton county for over 21 years, helping homeowners and businesses with all their fencing needs. Whether you are looking for a small fence to give you some privacy, or need a commercial fence, Ekren Fence knows how to get the job done right.

Wood fencing is a versatile fencing option that offers great fence performance, affordability, and wood fencing can be installed in a variety of styles.

When it comes to stylish wooden fences, there’s a whole world of options that Ekren Fencing offers. There are privacy fences as well as pickets, not to mention regular stockade styles. Each of these wood fence types come with different styles. For example, a wooden privacy fence can be standard dog-ear picket style, board by board, or shadowbox. Wood fences to add to their beauty while increasing the life of your fence.

Ekren Fencing Company  we can help you compare the wood fence options to help you find the perfect fence for your backyard or property. Take a look at our variety of wood fence options below and give us a call to discuss your wood fence solution.

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Dog Ear Wooden Privacy Fence

Wood installer Most Trusted Home Fence Installation Company

We provide all types of solutions for your residential fencing needs. Whether you want to replace privacy fencing in your backyard, or you’re looking to secure your front yard with a driveway gate and operator, Ekren Fence Company has the resources and expertise to provide you with service you can count on.

Are you unsure of whether a wood fence, vinyl fence, chain link, ornamental iron metal fence, or aluminum fence is the right choice for your property and needs?

Talk to an Ekren Fence Contractor. We can help you weigh the options and determine the best fencing solution for your particular situation.

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I would highly recommend the company. They were precise and accurate in laying out and installation. they did an excellent job. Thank you for your valuable assistance.” – Zurab Kharatishvili

Securing Local Businesses with Commercial Fences and Gates

At the Ekren Fence Company we understand the importance of business security, so we prioritize durability and customization in our commercial fences. Whether your business needs fencing for the whole property or an enclosure, either a fence or gates, we can provide what you need to work. Our contractors have experience working with architects, engineers, and artists. So they’ll know how to balance every aspect of your unique install, from security to privacy to aesthetic.

Our inventory range covers Wood fence , vinyl fence, Aluminum fence , Metal fence, and chain fences and more .

We only use the highest-quality durability and wear-tested fencing materials in our fences, including cutting-edge aluminum and no-maintenance vinyl. Call Ekren for a quote and we’ll get you set up with the right fence, the right way.