A fence increases home value by adding beauty and security to the property.
Accordion Sample DescriptionA few townships require a survey to issue a permit, but most don’t. A survey, however, is the only way to know exactly where your property line is, and is a good investment. We can recommend a surveyor.
All our fences feature posts set in concrete except split rail and slip board fences. Because these styles are light and are not affected by wind, concrete in each post hole is not necessary unless there are areas with poor drainage, in which case concrete is used. Also, gate posts are in concrete footers on every style of fence.
This is a charge per hole for exceptionally hard digging due to very rocky soil. Our rock charge is typically $35-$45 for each post hole that requires hand digging or a jackhammer.
No, you don’t have to be home the entire time that we are working at your property, but we do need you to meet the crew the morning that your fence work begins to go over the details of the job with your crew’s foreman.
This will depend on the material chosen. Aluminum fences will last up to a lifetime while Vinyl / Pvc fences last in the range of 25 years.
Yes, we offer free estimates. Click Contact us to request a quote or call us at 484-358-0069 to speak to our team directly.
We don’t install fence in the rain or snow, so the weather has a huge effect on our schedule, making it impossible to predict several weeks in advance exactly where your installation date will fall. We confirm installation dates two working days in advance, but we understand that some people need more notice, and we will work with you to set an installation date that works for you.
Most townships and boroughs require a permit for fence installation, even if you are replacing an existing fence. Call you township to find out. Some even have their fence code available on their website.
Split rail fence is our most affordable fence and works well keeping most dogs safely enclosed.
If we installed your fence, we will repair it whether it is under warranty or not. If we did not install your fence, than we don’t do any repair.
The contest for longest lasting fence material is a tie between vinyl fence and aluminum fence. Neither material deteriorates in the typical lifetime of a home.
The Ekren Fence Company determine the price of a project by the number of posts and gates installed add to the price of materials
The Ekren Fence install beautiful new fences year round in Lehigh Valley & Northampton County. For the quickest turnaround time from order to installation, order your fence in December or January to avoid the spring rush.
Ideally, the Ekren Fence Company will have a variety of fences available Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, Chain Link fences and will walk you through design and color options.
Ekren Fence Company will offer a 5 years warranty on their workmanship and lifetime on products
Professional fencing contractors have the training, experience, and equipment needed to install your fencing properly.
Installation time-frames depend on the type of fence being installed as well as the time of season purchased. Projects requiring permits and material fabrication typically take around 4 weeks to be ready for install. Projects not requiring permits and/or material fabrication can be started as soon as 1-3weeks. In the peak of the busy season, projects can take up-to 8+ weeks to be started
Most fence installations will be completed over the course of a week, consisting of 2-3 working days. These are usually non-consecutive working days to allow time for cement to cure.
We only use high quality material for all products that we carry.
Typically 24”-36” deep. There are two important things that we consider when setting your fence posts in cement: Making sure we get below frost level to prevent your posts from heaving up during the winter Making sure we meet all local fence post ordinances
We operate between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. If you have questions about our services outside these hours, feel free to leave a message over voicemail at any time. A friendly representative from our team will call you back as soon as possible.
At least 4-6 working days before we start your job, we will place an excavation request call to PA ONE.CALL. This request dispatches representatives of 811 company that may possibly have underground lines on your property. If there are lines, they are marked with paint or flags which tell us where we can and cannot dig.
It depends on your municipality codes, but in most cases, it is anywhere from right on the line to a 1’ offset. Going with a 6” offset is a good way to play it safe.


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