Fence construction & installation services

At Ekren Fence Company, we install and deliver high-quality fencing materials throughout the Lehigh Valley, Northampton and beyond. Depending upon what your fencing requirements are, we can handle all your fencing needs for your backyard, garden, pool, farm, or commercial areas. Whether split rail, custom wood board fence, aluminum, or vinyl fencing, we use top quality brands and materials for each job. Our dedicated team of fence installers can deliver any project with the utmost professionalism. We take every step to ensure that our customers are retained, giving you the best service at the best price.

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Ekren Fence installation crews are in-house residential and commercial, fully insured with workman’s compensation, general liability, and automotive insurance. Other fence companies that are not insured or have only a workman’s compensation exemption put you at risk in the event of an injury on your property. Having in-house installers allows for the control and flexibility of scheduling, as well as providing maximum quality control of the installation. Our installers are professional, courteous, and take pride in their work.