Dogs are a great source of comfort and companionship. But your beloved pup needs time and space to get outside, run, and explore. If you’re worried about their safety and concerned that your furry friend may wander off, a good dog fence is just what you need. 

As Lehigh Valley’s top fencing contractor, we’ve picked out the best dog fences that give your pup the space to run and exercise without the risk of escaping or getting into danger. Now, let’s check them out. 

Keep your dog safe with the durable chain link fence 

Chain link fences are ideal for keeping your pooch safe and secure. Thanks to their sturdy posts and thick gauge wire mesh, they are durable, weather-resistant, and can keep the strongest dog in. Chain link is also inexpensive, making it a smart option if you are on a budget or have a large yard. 

To prevent your pup from digging and squeezing out underneath, it’s best to dig a ditch before installing. But if you’ve got a jumping dog, a chain link fence may not be the best option as it is easy to jump over. They also don’t provide much privacy, but covering them with a PVC slat will fix that. 

Choose the jump-resistant wood fencing to protect your pup

Wood fence offers a natural and attractive appeal while doing an excellent job of restricting your pup to your yard. Typically, wood fences, making them especially ideal for jumpers. 

With wood fences, there’s design flexibility as you can stain it to match the existing decor of your home. However, they can be expensive. Another downside is that it requires regular staining or painting to prevent rot. 

Durable and elegant aluminum fencing to securely contain your dog

If you’re looking for a durable and elegant fence that allows for design versatility, an aluminum fence is what you want. Designed for maximum strength, aluminum fences are ideal for keeping large and active dogs in. As a top Lehigh Valley fencing company, we can customize your aluminum fence to your needs and preferences. 

It can come in various styles and colors and can be coated to prevent oxidation. Depending on the size of your dog, the spaces between pickets and the number of rails can be modified. This ensures your furry companion can have fun in the yard without the risk of escaping or getting into danger. However, aluminum fences offer less privacy compared to their wooden counterparts. 

Protect your furry friend with the low-maintenance vinyl fence

Vinyl fences require no painting, staining, or sealing, making it a low-maintenance option that appeals to many homeowners. They are also available in various styles and colors, giving your home an excellent curb appeal. At our Lehigh Valley fencing company, we can customize your vinyl fencing to an adequate height, providing a reliable barrier that keeps your pooch within your yard.  

Vinyl fences are also ideal for the outdoors, as they don’t rot, have insect problems, or rust. It’s also easy to clean off dog stains from your vinyl fence. Simply hose down and scrub the area with water and soap. However, it has a high initial cost, and you may not like the artificial look of the material. 

Prioritize your dog’s safety and well-being with high-quality fence installation in Lehigh Valley and Northampton

Dogs are fun to have around and are as loyal as they come. So you want to ensure they get maximum happiness and protection. Whether you opt for a vinyl, aluminum, chain link, or the classic wood fence, we’ll prioritize the safety of your furry friend when you contact us for your dog fence installation. Get a FREE estimate today.